Mobile Power Bank 2800mAh

Mobile Power Bank 2800mAh

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*Input:DC 5V 1A.
*Output:DC 5V 1A.
*Charge time:4 hours.
*Working temperature:-10~55 degree.
 *Circle times:>500 times.
*Plug and play.
*Weight:75g. Color:yellow,pink,purple,blue,green etc.
For: iPhone,iPad,MP3/MP4/MP5,digital camara,PSP and all the 5V input digital equipemnts  LED indicator show power level
Built-in protecting circuit against over-current, over-heat and over-voltage, can ensure security.
Automatically power off function if it is not in charge for 20 seconds, which can largely save the energy. 

Charge method:
1. Charge for Power Bank: Connect the USB cable with you power bank and the computer, then it will be charged
2. Charge for mobile phone: When the power bank is charged full, connect the USB cable with you power bank and your phone, then your phone will be charged.