Mini Solar Camping Lamp

Mini Solar Camping Lamp

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  • Solar Lantern with Multi functions
  • Telescopic Camping Lamp Power Switch
  • Super Bright White LED Lamp
  • Solar Panel, More Effective
Product Description:
  • Hook Fluctuation two sides detachable can be loaded.
  • This is a 2 in 1 emergency lamp
  • LED lights emits powerful white light which is soft on eyes
  • Useful for emergency, power failure or working on computer or reading separately without disturbing others.
  • Also useful going out during night
  • Very compact and small size
  • Folding handle which slides upwards for carrying
  • can be kept on table or mounted on wall
  • 100000 Hours of bulb life, no need to replace bulbs
  • Solar Charger or DC Charging or 3AA Battery
  • Solar Mobile Charging Option